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Privacy Policy

At eBulb.com, we consider our clients and their privacy as our biggest priority and ensure everything possible to safeguard their personal information and privacy. This is why we have developed a comprehensive Privacy Policy and we strictly follow it without any compromise.

Summary of eBulb.com privacy policy

eBulb.com collects and maintains customer’s information i.e. Personal Information, Billing Address, Payment Details and others through different sources. We ensure highest standards in maintaining and safeguarding this information and we never use this client information for any other use unless obtaining consent from the clients in the first place. All information received from clients is encrypted to ensure security and only authorized personnel at eBulb.com will have access to it. We never sell or share clients' information with any third party unless we are bound by the law and without obtaining approval from the clients.

Information we may collect from the clients

eBulb.com may collect only relevant information from the clients for its internal use only. Such information may include but not limit to Personal Details, Payment Details i.e. credit card information, Billing Address, Contact Details, Complaints Queries, Consumer Inquiries etc.. eBulb.com may also collect business information from sole proprietorships some of which might constitute personal information, as well as personal information from individuals acting solely in their business capacity.

Use of personal information collected by eBulb.com

eBulb.com will use client information only for its internal use and never share the information with any third party unless obtaining consent from the clients or under legal obligation from concerned authority. This information will be maintained at eBulb.com only for operational use such as keeping track of shipping & delivery, record keeping, complaint management, providing operational notices and promotional offers and conducting marketplace research. We will never compromise anonymity of our clients while using or sharing this information.

How eBulb.com may share the information

eBulb.com may use or forward consumer inquiries received through email for internal use or market research. The consumers should understand that sharing such information is not fully secured. However, eBulb.com will ensure all requirements to guarantee anonymity of client’s personal information. Such information will be used only for our internal use and we will never share such information with any third-party without obtaining consent from the clients in the first place. Under no circumstances, we will never sell or rent personal information with any third-party.

Circumstances under which eBulb.com may share client information without approval from clients:

- Where as required by State Law or Regulation or requested by a government agency for investigative purpose.

- Where our records indicate a company may be engaged in fraudulent activity or other deceptive practices that a governmental agency should be made aware of.

If you have any query regarding our Privacy Policy, please communicate with us.

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